APE box
Active probing equipment

With the APE monitoring box, OneLab offers platform builders and users a low-cost probing component suitable for a range of different monitoring needs, in particular medium-precision active measurements.

The APE (Active Probing Equipment) box offers a low-cost, low-maintenance solution for tenth-of-microsecond resolution active measurements.

This stand-alone hardware solution is likely to be of interest to small businesses and individual developers. The measurements offered by the APE box can be scaled up to a global measurement infrastructure at a very moderate cost, adding a qualitatively new feature to the future of active Internet measurements. For this reason APE's measurements are less centered on accuracy and programming flexibility than, for example, those of OneLab's other measurement box, ANME. Along with the APE box we also provide you with a GPS device which allows the synchronization of endpoints on a global level.

APE hardware operates a robust, stand-alone operational system, which provides a range of active probing services. The measurement services offered by these boxes are managed and accessed through the SONoMA system (Service Oriented NetwOrk Measurement Architecture) developed according to the paradigm of web services. This approach offers new ‘plug and play' measurements for a wide variety of user applications.

Benefits of the APE box:
  • Low-cost solution
    > The APE box offers an advanced network probing device with a moderate price-tag, an ideal solution for small businesses and individual developers.
  • Medium-precision active measurements
    > APE measurement capabilities offer medium-precision active network measurements accurate to a tenth of a microsecond.
  • Globally synchronized endpoints
    > Additional peripheral GPS receiver ensures that all APE endpoints are synchronized on a global level.
  • Access to a community of experts
    > Already used by a community of experts in network monitoring, from a wide range of academic and industrial organizations across Europe.
The complete APE box is available for non-commercial purposes for only 500 Euros. This price includes insured shipping and best effort support, with limited warranty, along with the APE module and GPS device.

For further information, incuding terms and prices if professional support is desired, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .