ANME box
Advanced network monitoring equipment

With the ANME box and its related software, OneLab offers platform builders and users a versatile monitoring solution that carries out both active and passive measurements to a very high level of precision.

The ANME (Advanced Network Monitoring Equipment) box contains the high-precision tools for both active measurements, giving an extremely accurate view of the network, and for passive monitoring with fine-grained timestamping.

By installing the box, users will gain the ability to carry out active measurements at a timescale of tens of nanoseconds, with GPS synchronization. If two or more boxes are purchased and installed in different locations, the variety of possible measurements to be run (delays, available bandwidth, etc.) is further increased.

The ANME box also contains the CoMo software package, OneLab's passive monitoring component. This program supports both arbitrary traffic queries that run continuously on live data streams, and retrospective queries that analyze past traffic data to enable network forensics. To run CoMo all that is required in addition to the ANME hardware is a switch equipped with a monitoring port.

The ANME box comprises a server-class computer, an ARGOS measurement card, APE (a service oriented measurement module),a GPS receiver, and the CoMo software package. The state-of-the-art VHDL-programmable ARGOS card provides a measurement resolution of tens of nanoseconds, while the GPS device keeps ANME measurement endpoints globally synchronized and CoMo timestamps accurate.

Benefits of the ANME box:

  • High-precision active measurements
    > ARGOS measurement card offers active network measurement capabilities accurate to the order of tens of nanoseconds.
  • Globally synchronized endpoints
    > An inbuilt GPS receiver ensures that all ANME endpoints are coordinated on a global level.
  • Passive measurements
    > Local traffic can be monitored with CoMo, an easy-to-use, versatile passive monitoring tool.
  • Access to a community of experts
    > Already used by a community of experts in network monitoring, from a wide range of academic and industrial organizations across Europe.
  • Participate in the ETOMIC testbed
    > An ANME box owner can become a host site for the ETOMIC testbed, thereby contributing to this high-precision measurement infrastructure.

The complete ANME box is available for non-commercial purposes for only 4000 Euros. This price includes insured shipping and best effort support (without warranty). The ANME pack includes the ARGOS measurement card, an industry-standard server, the APE module, a GPS device, CoMo and the installation software of the operational system.

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