OMF software
Control and management of networking testbeds

Testbeds are instrumental for the evaluation of new Internet technologies within controlled but real-life environments and scales. However, it is extremely challenging to reproduce experiments in the networking field.

OMF (cOntrol and Managment Framework) helps researchers to conduct repeatable experiments and testbed operators to efficiently manage their testbeds.

Researchers use OMF to describe, instrument, execute, and analyse their experiments.

Testbed owners use OMF to make the resources in their testbed discoverable, to control access to them, to optimize their utilization through virtualization, and to federate with other testbeds.

OMF support testbeds with many different types of resources, such as wired networks, wireless Wi-Fi or WiMAX networks, servers and mobile devices, as well as wireless sensor networks. OMF has been deployed and used by researchers on many testbeds in Australia, Europe, and the USA, with many of them in active use 24/7.

Benefits of OMF software:
  • Reproducible experiments
    > OMF provides a high-level domain-specific language called OEDL that allows researchers to easily describe and reproduce experiments.
  • Support for heterogeneous resources
    > A common abstraction enables easy access, control and management of devices and networks of different types and makes (e.g., wired, wireless, mobile, drivers, manufacturer, etc.).
  • Resource usage optimization
    > Virtualization allows resources to be shared among multiple simultaneous experiments.
  • Federation-ready
    > OMF supports the design and execution of experiments that use resources from multiple interconnected testbeds.
Deploying OMF on your testbed is easy. OMF is under an MIT-style open-source license, and is available for download with a comprehensive installation and user guide at For further information you can also contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .