Telekomunikacja Polska S.A. (TP)

Telekomunikacja Polska operates in all segments of the telephony and communications market including fixed line, mobile, data transmission, Internet access, radio communication and satellite transmission. TP owns the largest technical infrastructure in Poland and provides services to more than 18 million customers.

The Research and Development Centre (TP R&D) is a branch of TP with about 400 employees. TP R&D provides support of R&D activities for TP Group on domains: switching (PSTN/NGN/IMS architecture), information databases, performs hardware and software system development, pre-installation testing and quality measurement, network planning and designing, development and testing of new services. TP R&D cooperates with international telecommunication organizations, such as ITU, TMN Forum and DSL Forum.

Taking into account experiences in developing of massive systems and services TP R&D provides the network operator and service provider point of view and participates in maintaining of the testbed, which includes classic systems administrations tasks. TP was able to make develop and test, validate and evaluate the concepts and prototypes that were developed during the first phase of the project.  TP was able to provide UMTS coverage based in the Orange Poland (formal name PTK Centertel part of TP Group) network, available in Poland in a several cities from the beginnin of 2006. Collaboration with Orange Poland provided GPRS/EDGE/UMTS coverage for present and future PlanetLab nodes not only under the test infrastructure, but also under the real production-based infrastructure.

TP's goal is to show how OneLab can provide new advanced services in specific application domains. In particular in two of them: telecommunications and enterprise IT.

Role in the OneLab project:

In the project's first phase (OneLab1) TP was responsible for a large-scale PlanetLab deployment in Poland, extending the number of PlanetLab hosts in its core network to at least two new locales and six nodes by the end of 2005.
In the project's second phase (OneLab2) the Research & Development department of TP is participating in a project to realise one of the tasks in WP9 Benchmarking and WP7 Content. This is firstly a statistical analysis, then a design and prototype for new features in the laboratory and implementation of content distribution applications.

Key staff:

  • Dr Andrzej Tucholski, Researcher
  • Marcin Pilarski, PlanetLab Principal Investigator, Researcher



The OneLab video:

OneLab2 featured deliverable:

OneLab2 D3.5 Year 1 workshop report

Expected date: August 2009Nature: R (Report) Dissemination level: PU (Public) Lead partner: HUJI Involved partners: all other partners Relevant workpackage: WP3 Dissemination Deliverable description: Report on workshop activities during the...