OneLab2 D7.3 Routing-in-a-slice platform extension requirements

Expected date:
June 2009
Nature: R (Report)
Dissemination level: PU (Public)
Lead partner: University of Paderborn
Relevant workpackage: WP7 Content
PDF file: pdf_button

Deliverable description:

Defines the requirements to extend  PlanetLab Europe towards routing-in-a-slice functionality. This will include hardware and software considerations as well as interface requirements to be implemented eventually in platform extensions.

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OneLab2 featured deliverable:

OneLab2 D7.5 First prototype of CDN

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Expected date: March 2010Nature: P (Prototype)Dissemination level: PU (Public) Lead partner: Telekomunikacja Polska Relevant workpackage: WP7 Content PDF file: Deliverable description: Implements the proposed CDN extensions set out in the...