OneLab2 D8.1 Design specification document

Expected date:
August 2009
Nature: R (Report)
Dissemination level: PU (Public)
Lead partner: ETH Zurich
Relevant workpackage: WP8 SAC

Deliverable description:

This deliverable will present the requirements for the integration of the new networking technologies in OneLab2. Specifically, the document will discuss and describe the integration of:
  • opportunistic networking platforms - Haggle;
  • delay and disruptive tolerant networks;
  • autonomic networking architectures.
Under the users' perspective, it will identify the services and API to be developed to allow configuration, management and proper use of the new networks.


The OneLab video:

OneLab2 featured deliverable:

OneLab2 D3.8 Final federation requirements

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Expected date: March 2010Nature: R (Report) Dissemination level: PU (Public) Lead partner: UPMC Involved partners: all other partners Relevant workpackage: WP3 Dissemination PDF file: Deliverable description: Updated description of PlanetLab...