OneLab2 D1.2 Integration - final report

Expected date:
August 2010
Nature: R (Report)
Dissemination level: PU (Public)
Lead partner: INRIA
Relevant workpackage: WP1 Integration
PDF file: pdf_button

Deliverable description:

This deliverable will contain the following sections:p
  • Codebase management: highlights major achievements and issues in Task 1.1 during the reporting period;
  • Support to other workpackages: describes the activity during the reporting
  • Federation: highlights major achievements and issues during the reporting period;
  • Reservation: describes the brokerage service, design and implementation status;
  • Emulation: Linux emulation integrated into the OneLab build: description of design and implementation status;
  • OneLab build releases: provides a summary of the various stable releases of the OneLab build.

The OneLab video:

OneLab2 featured deliverable:

OneLab2 D4.6 Visualisation tools

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