University of Basel

The Computer Networks Research Group of the University of Basel focuses on network architecture design and implementation, sensor networks, and bio-inspired networking. The group is headed by Professor C. Tschudin who has a long track-record in networking, especially protocol stack architectures, mobile code and active networking, security and wireless networking. The profile of the group is both conceptual and architectural (active packet languages, selector networks, and network pointers) as well as systems oriented (e.g. wireless ad hoc routing protocol design, implementation and experimental evaluation) and can hence contribute to many objectives of this project. The group has also a fair experience in EU projects: it is the main initiator of the project ANA (Autonomic Network Architecture) and is a member of the project BIONETS (BIOlogically inspired NETwork and Services), with both projects running until the end of 2009.

Role in the OneLab project:

Joining the project in its second phase (OneLab2), UniBasel participates in the design, implementation, deployment and testing of a gateway that will interconnect the test beds currently deployed by the SAC projects ANA and Haggle with the OneLab infrastructure, working particularly within WP8 Integrating SAC Networks. The SAC (Situated and Autonomic Communications) initiative regroups four EU projects, which are currently running until the end of 2009. As the initiator and a leading participant of the ANA project, UniBasel is in a perfect position to contribute to the design of the OneLab-SAC gateway and to facilitate the exchange of novel ideas and technologies between the ANA and OneLab projects.

Key staff:

  • Prof. Christian Tschudin, Head of Computer Science Department, Senior Researcher
  • Dr Christophe Jelger, Senior Researcher

The OneLab video:

OneLab2 featured deliverable:

OneLab2 D7.4 Definition of virtual and federated publish-subscribe architecture

Expected date: August 2009Nature: R (Report)Dissemination level: PU (Public) Lead partner: BT Relevant workpackage: WP7 Content Deliverable description: Defines the architectural elements and interfaces required to perform publish-subscribe-type experiments on...