Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM)

UAM is home to the Networking Research Group, which is devoted to research in development in networking and telematic services, with special emphasis on traffic analysis, capacity planning, network management and optical and highspeed networking. In the network monitoring area their research staff has participated to the FP6 project ETOMIC, which created a pan-European network measurement platform synchronised by GPS.

In addition, UAM also currently hosts a traffic repository for the Spanish NREN RedIris, which logs more than 10 TB of NetFlow data per year, within the DIOR project. Finally, they participate in the CELTIC project TRAMMS in close cooperation with Spanish and European industry in the design and development of network measurement tools.UAM is also part of the MOMENT FP7 project, which will implement an ontology of network monitoring tools, along with a semantic query interface.

Role in the OneLab project:

Having joined the project in its second phase (OneLab2), the networking research group contributes mainly to WP4 Topology Information. The aim is to deploy an ETOMIC traffic monitoring system with nanosecond resolution, and federate it to the OneLab platform. In addition the UAM plans to contribute to the design and implementation of the OneLab management system, especially regarding monitoring tools configuration, reservation system and survivability.

Key staff:

  • Prof. Javier Aracil, Full Professor, Senior Researcher
  • Jorge López de Vergara, Researcher

The OneLab video:

OneLab2 featured deliverable:

OneLab2 D3.7 Initial federation requirements

Expected date: March 2009Nature: R (Report) Dissemination level: PU (Public) Lead partner: UPMC Involved partners: all other partners Relevant workpackage: WP3 Dissemination Deliverable description: Description of PlanetLab Europe federation requirements. ...