OneLab1 D4B.2 UMTS gateway

Delivery date:
August 2007
Nature: P (Prototype)
Dissemination level: PU (Public)
Lead partner: CINI
Relevant OneLab1 workpackage:
WP4 New Environments
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Deliverable description:

This deliverable describes the activities carried out during the process of "Enabling UMTS multimedia interactions", carried out withing WP4 New Environments. This process aims at allowing multimedia interactions between OneLab nodes with a UMTS connection to the internet and other nodes with a wireline internet connection. The spirit of such a task is to allow researchers to perform testing of distributed multimedia applications using the UMTS connection previously made available in OneLab nodes.

This deliverable describes the constraints that both the OneLab software environment and the UMTS connectivity puts on such applications and the solutions devised in order to perform experiments.

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OneLab1 D2.2 Development guidelines

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Delivery date: March 2007 Nature: R (Report) Dissemination level: PU (Public) Lead partner: INRIA Relevant OneLab1 workpackage: WP2 IntegrationPDF file: Deliverable description:This deliverable is the output of the "Prepare Development...