OneLab1 D4D.2 Wireless ad hoc component

Delivery date:
March 2008
Nature: P (Prototype)
Dissemination level: PU (Public)
Lead partner: France Telecom
Relevant OneLab1 workpackage:
WP4 New Environments
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Deliverable description:

This deliverable presents the second scenario of wireless multi-hop mesh network for OneLab. It is an extension to the PlanetLab architecture that manages this new emerging type of wireless networks. In opposition to the first scenario, the wireless mesh nodes are not part to the OneLab network but are connected to the OneLab platform by a gateway which is an OneLab component.

In this activity, the work focused on the definition of the OneLab gateway, including the components composing it and how services deployed in this gateway can communicate with others components (e.g., the monitoring tool) using the Proper API, defined by the PlanetLab consortium. An evolution of the OneLab SR protocol to adapt to the requirements of services running on the OneLab gateway is also detailed. Some services that can be deployed on such a gateway are presented before focusing on the comprehensive monitoring tool, which is not controlled by OneLab users, and can be used to run and retrieve experiments results on a wireless mesh network.

This document introduces first the architecture of the mesh multi-hop network and the different software components present at the gateway to the OneLab platform. It describes the role of the gateway with some insight on the functions which could be integrated in this particular component.

It finally describes how to run and retrieve effectively experiment results in these environments thanks to the monitoring components installed at the gateway side.

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