OneLab1 D1.1 Support website

Delivery date:
March 2007
Nature: O (Other)
Dissemination level: PU (Public)
Lead partner: UPMC
Relevant OneLab1 workpackage: WP1 Operations
PDF file: pdf_button

Deliverable description:

This deliverable is the first for WP1 Operations. Operations is concerned with maintaining a working testbed over the course of the project. Support is a crucial aspect of operations, and this
document describes the support website for the OneLab project partners.

Technical support is but one functionality provided by the website described here. The OneLab project partners also require means for coordinating amongst themselves and for disseminating their work.

This document thus describes three aspects of the support website:
  • Official public web site: presentation, functionalities, and usage.
  • Management tools: intranet architecture and functionalities.
  • Support for the OneLab testbed: trouble ticket system and coordination infrastructure. 


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