OneLab1 deliverables
Here is a list of publicly available deliverables (documents provided under contract to the European Comission, describing the work done by the project) submitted during the first phase of the OneLab project, OneLab1. Follow the link to a more detailed description of each deliverable, with downloadable files in PDF format.
  • D1.1 Support website
  • D1.2 Joint operations guidelines draft
  • D1.3 Joint operations guidelines
  • D2.2 Development guidelines
  • D2.3 Support for new hardware
  • D2.4 Integrated OneLab build
  • D2.6 Validation Plan
  • D3A.1 Passive monitoring component interface
  • D3A.2 Passive monitoring component
  • D3B.1 Topology information component API
  • D3B.2 Topology information component
  • D4A.1 WiMAX component
  • D4B.1 UMTS node
  • D4B.2 UMTS gateway
  • D4C.1 Multihoming architecture document
  • D4C.2 Multhihoming mechanisms document
  • D4C.3 Multihoming component description
  • D4D.1 OneLab wireless mesh multi-hop network/ PlanetLab compliant ad hoc network
  • D4D.2 Wireless ad hoc component
  • D4E.1 Modify dummynet to accept time-varying parameters
  • D4E.2 Integrated dummynet and PlanetLab
  • D4E.3 Emulation component
  • D5.1 Validated OneLab platform
    Validation Results: WP3A, WP3B, WP4A, WP4B, WP4C, WP4D, WP4E.
  • D6.1 Project presentation

The OneLab video:

OneLab1 featured deliverable:

OneLab1 D4E.1 Modify dummynet to accept time-varying parameters

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Delivery date: March 2007 Nature: R (Report) Dissemination level: PU (Public) Lead partner: Università di Pisa Relevant OneLab1 work package: WP4 New EnvironmentsPDF file: Deliverable description:This deliverable is the first...