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Experimentally-driven research is key to success in exploring the possible futures of the Internet. The OneLab initiative provides an open, general-purpose, shared experimental facility, both large-scale and sustainable, which allows European industry and academia to innovate and assess the performance of their solutions. Based on the results of several different European and national projects, OneLab offers access to a range of  tools and testbeds including PlanetLab Europe, the NITOS wireless testbed, and other federated testbeds.

OneLab Experimental Facility is reality

OneLab Experimental Facility is opening We have worked hard to get here - to open OneLab as a rich European federation of a diverse set of exciting experimental resources to be accessed and…

Learn about Fantaastic

OneLab contributes to the industrial workshop organised by CI-FIRE and Fantaastic to be held at UPMC campus on June 27. This workshop proudly presents, offers a tutorial and walkthrough how to in 4…

International collaboration - Asia

OneLab federation welcomed visitors from the Institute for Information Industry (III) of Taiwan. The Institute for Information Industry (III) was established in 1979 as a non-governmental…

SMEs invited

OneLab promotes a workshop targeted to the industry and in particular SMEs for finding out the pre-requisites to create value from open testbeds.The workshop titles : Connecting European innovators…

International collaboration - Asia

OneLab peers with international partners in most continents. Since the beginning the collaboration has been tight with US-GENI initiative. Brazilian, Australian and many Asian partners have been…

OneLab Linux Systems Engineer (sysop)

The expanding OneLab experimental facility is recruiting a Linux Systems Engineer, or sysop, for its Network Operations Centre (NOC) based at UPMC Sorbonne Universités, Paris. To read…

Vint Cerf visiting OneLab NOC

Vint Cerf honoured the OneLab team with his visit at the Network Operations Centre (NOC) in Paris. The team demonstrated access to federated resources, health monitoring of those testbeds, internet…

Robot Dance at ICT 2013 Vilnius

OpenLab and Fed4FIRE joined forces for a demonstration at ICT2013 exhibition in Vilnius on November 6-8, 2013.

Coming up on Manifold

... the review and demo of the Fed4Fire Portal using Manifold on July 10. Available by then the registration of new users and integration of new testbeds (PLE, Nitos, iMinds, Fuseco, Ofelia).

Manifold for Data-Aware Networking

Prof Serge Fdida gave a presentation on Manifold for Data-Aware Networking at CFI in China on June 7, 2013. View the presentation here

Commission pre-visit at OneLab NOC

On 3rd May 2013, and during a meeting with OpenLab project members and representatives from the FIRE unit of the European Commission, UPMC - Université Pierre et Marie Curie - Paris 6, visited the…

Fdida and Friedman receive Google M-Lab grant

Measurement Lab of Google, M-Lab, has awarded Université Pierre et Marie Curie, profs Serge Fdida and Timur Friedman with and unrestricted grant to improve monitoring capabilities in the…

Manifold Framework for MySlice

Development version available of the Manifold Framework for MySlice, check it out

NITOS attracting users worldwide

The NITOS testbed, located in Volos, Greece, has attracted a large amount of research experimenters from around the world. In 2012, the NITOS portal had a constant increase of the number of visitors,…

Fed4FIRE Portal using MySlice

Check out the launched a demo of the Fed4Fire Portal using MySlice at

PLE usage sustainably good

Activity on PlanetLab Europe continued to be on a sustainably good level from December 2012 to February 2013, as the usage statistics show ( In the…

New OpenFlow functionality in OpenLab

Openlab provides new experimentation functionality by adding virtual Openflow switches to enhance Openlab’s Europe-wide distributed and wireless enabled testbed. The new functionality enables…

OpenLab 2nd Workshop

OpenLab will organize its second workshop on February 6-8 in the French Alps, at les Arcs. The objective of this second OpenLab workshop is to provide the opportunity for OpenLab partners - but also…

OpenLab Plugfest

The 1st OpenLab Plugfest was held in Paris on Janaury 23 - 25, 2013. The event gathered developers and engineers from various intitutions and even projects to discuss the interoperability issues…

GENI Clearinghouse launched

Geni GEC 15 launches the GENI Clearing house: Read more at

Fed4FIRE kicks off

The EU project “Federation for Future Internet Research and Experimentation” (Fed4FIRE) had its kickoff meeting on October 1-5, 2012 in Gent, Belgium, hosted by the co-ordinator IBBT (now…

MySlice and SFAWrap sites up

For users', developers' and federators' convenience two new sites were put up to better browse and find information on federation elements. That is for guiding to gain access to…

OpenLab 1st Workshop

OpenLab organises its first workshop on February 1-3 , 2012 at Chateau de Villiers-le-Mahieu. This workshop on "Federation Architecture & tools" proposes to discuss and advance on a set of key…

Featured video:

NITLab demo

New demonstration of OneLab wireless resources provided by University of Thessaly at the NITOS testbed.